Best of Raw 2017!

For those who attended the Regional Aquatics Workshop last week, you know that it truly was Wicked RAWsome! Thanks to the fabulous hosts, the New England Aquarium.

The RAW Program Committee would like to recognize some of these fantastic presentations as the Best of RAW. These presentations rose to the top as innovative, thought-provoking, and representative of our industry. A special thank you to our at-large judges selected from the audience:
Amy Slagoski
Kenny Stange
Dee Murphy
Allen McDowell
Andy Allison

Congratulations!! to the Best of RAW 2017:

Barrett Christie: Effect of Supplemental Phosphorus and Organic Carbon on Nitrification during Cycling

Rob Jones: Stress and its Effects on Fish (including Mycobacteria)

Sandy Trautwein: Developing a Professional Team: Ideas from the Aquarium of the Pacific

Andy Rhyne: Hormone Induced Spawning of the Atlantic Lookdown, Selene vomer

Matt Wade: Hungry, Hungry Rhizostomes: Successful Rhizostome Culture Strategies at National Aquarium

Jennie Janssen and Brian Nelson: The Cuboid Invasion – Part 1: Sweating the Small Stuff

Mark Murray: Using Electricity to Bridge Temperate Sharks during Positive Reinforcement Training

Katy Duke: Plastic Fantastic? Taking up the challenge of going #OneLess and Fires happen! … How prepared are you?

Best of RAW 2016


Congratulations to the AoA team for a job well done!  This year’s RAW was a blast, and also full of great information.  Nearly every judge expressed how difficult it was to choose the top talks because of the fierce competition and high quality of presentations.  On behalf of the RAW Program Committee, I applaud all of the presenters and their supporting institutions and am pleased to announce the Best of RAW 2016!


Our judges included members of the RAW Program Committee and select members from the audience.  Thank you to:

Brian Dorn

Beth Firchau

Allan Marshall

Pete Mohan

Melissa Bishop

Becky Ellsworth

Sally Hoke

Eric Hoveland

Allen McDowell

Matt Hamilton

Greg Whittaker

Nick Zarlinga

Congratulations to the following speakers and their presentations that have been selected as Best of RAW 2016:


MacKenzie Bubel and Thomas Knowles – Smells like Ctene Spirit: Methods for culturing the Comb Jellies (Ctenophora)  Mnemiopsis sppPleurobracia bachei, and Bolinopsis infundibulum

Colby Johnson – A pilot study of the effect of gut loading live Artemia sp.  with probiotics on survival during the pelagic phase of juvenile Hippocampus erectus

Josh Tellier – Double your Goodeids, Double your fun: Collaborating with Students to increase breeding efforts and promote Goodeid conservation

Dr. Elsburgh O. Clarke III – Successful Treatment of Eimeria southwelli in a Cownose Ray (Rhinoptera bonasus) using oral copper wire particles

Danielle Haulsee – Internal Acoustic Transceivers Reveal the Annual Social Network Patterns in a Coastal Predator

Mark Dvornak – Shark ray breeding – What a difference 711 days makes!

Dr. Rob Jones and Sam Gilchrist – Botox as a possible treatment for spinal problems in sand tiger sharks (Carcharias taurus)

Chad L. Widmer – Globs in Globes: Thinking outside the kreisel